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Our Boys Roll in Style
Two AMVs 
24th-Apr-2006 09:23 pm
soul eater: tsubaki
-- "For Me and My Ouran" --
[series] Ouran Koukou Host Club (anime)
[format] AMV -- Windows Media Video
[complete?] Download
[info] An AMV for Ouran Koukou Host Club (Ouran High School Host Club) featuring "For Me and My Gal" sung by Judy Garland and Fred Astaire. In this video, I tried to get the lip-synching to work, and for the most part it did! There are some parts where the cutting of clips didn't work out quite right, and so you see split-second flashes of other scenes that I didn't intend to be there! I didn't catch them at first because I guess I blinked. I'm afraid of trying to save it again, since this particular video gave me so much trouble when I tried to save it the first time.

-- "I'm With You, Nana" --
[series] NANA (anime)
[format] AMV -- Windows Media Video
[complete?] Download
[info] An AMV for the NANA anime to the song, "I'm With You" by Avril Lavigne. I tried to focus on Hachi's (Komatsu Nana's) most traumatizing relationship with Asano Takashi and how she transitioned from that relationship to the one with Shoji. The sepia-toned scenes are supposed to be from the past. The scenes from when Hachi is drinking beer with Jun and company to the scene where she wakes up in bed is sort of like a not-so-distant past. I tried to make the scene where she sees Shoji for the first time like a dream (since I wanted to make it seem like she had fallen asleep after her hysterics(?) and was dreaming of Shoji because he was going to be "the one." The scenes after that are supposed to be the present. I don't know how well it worked out, but I think it's okay!
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